Valentine’s Day Collection | A conversation with Apryl

Valentine’s Day Collection | A conversation with Apryl

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We sat down with Apryl, Owner and Creative Director of Forever and A Day’s to discuss her design process and the inspiration behind the brands most recent collection.


Walk us through your process for designing a new collection – where do you start?

Initially, it starts with brainstorming. I like to look into what has been popular with our customers and take into account any reviews and feedback we’ve gotten on fit or range. From there I start to sketch out new silhouettes or build upon existing styles.


Does this mean we might be seeing some familiar pieces this launch?

I’m super excited to reintroduce the Maison set in our next launch, she’s actually an updated version of our well-loved but retired Loren set. Riley has also always been one of our most popular styles, so I thought I’d run with her silhouette since she’s proven to be so flattering. Both the upcoming Hailey and Luna sets were based around Riley.


So when you're expanding upon previous styles or even designing new ones, how do you keep it fresh and exciting?

Our materials. The great thing about curating small releases is the amount of control I have over each step in the design process. All our fabrics are custom made, down to the thread. Everything. For this collection, I really wanted to revisit illusion tulle. It’s so lightweight and extremely fine which means it feels super luxe on the skin. So, I introduced this delicate material with the support and structure of the Riley bra and that’s how our new Hailey set was born!


And what about the colour scheme?

Obviously, for Valentine’s Day, I wanted to lean into the traditional reds, but I also wanted contrast. While red evokes passion and romance, I feel like blue reflects a softer, calmer, and more innocent type of love. I wanted to explore this contrast in the collection, and you can see it in both the 70’s patterned duel toned lace of Maria, and in the pops of brightness that the florals bring to Maison and Luna. 

I also wanted to go for a more subtle colour story to support my bolder choices so I ran with super-luxe Champagne and Chocolate theme. Rich shimmers and creamy neutrals, honestly it’s to die for.

What are some key factors you think about while designing?

First and foremost, I want my pieces to be flattering on bodies. We’ve always had a flexible sizing system so this is super important. Secondly, I want my pieces to be unique in the market. There are so many options out there when it comes to lingerie, so I’m always thinking about the little details that will make my collections special. Finally, wearability. Lingerie is a luxury that I feel like we should always be able to treat ourselves to, whether it be a special occasion or for daily wear.


You mentioned the little details, is there anything you’re particularly proud of in this collection?

It’s honestly just the finer things that come to mind. The Maria set has these adorable mesh ruffles that I am obsessed with, and this frilled elastic along the under band that I’ve never featured before. Also! High cut panties have always been popular with our customers, but I’ve introduced a V-Cut version for the Maria and honestly, they make your legs look like they go for miles!


How exciting. We’re sure your customers are going to love it! Finally, can you let us know which your favourite set from the collection is?

This is like asking me to play favourites! Considering the fact that all of these sets are like my babies it is so hard to say. Gun to my head I think I’ll have to go with Hailey. She’s so sexy - just the right amount of revealing with her illusion tulle but doesn’t compromise on comfort. Silver threaded accents add just enough sparkle to make her one of a kind and yet still wearable for every day. She’s Forever and a Day defined.

Shop the new Forever and a Day Valentine’s Day edit here.