Lingerie 101: Care Guide

Lingerie 101: Care Guide

Laundry is not the most glamorous of our day-to-day tasks, and if you’re anything like us it wasn’t something you ever really learned to do “properly” it’s just something you do. So here at Forever and a Day, we’ve thrown together this little how-to guide for lingerie care to make the whole ordeal as simple as possible!

Hand Wash:

While this may come and no surprise – your delicates are indeed, delicate. Because of this, we recommend hand washing your Forever and a Day pieces. This will help preserve their shape and fit, and most importantly extend their lifetime. Now if that isn’t reason enough to convince you, trust us – it’s nowhere near as difficult or time-consuming as it seems.

First, you’ll want to mix a mild detergent with some warm water, then check for any stains on your lingerie. Dab them with the mix and gently rub them away. Once you’re done, all you need to do is soak for a few minutes then gently work the detergent in with your hands. Rinse – then lay your pieces on a clean towel to air dry. Simple as that!

Machine Wash:

If handwashing really isn’t your thing, there is a way to machine your bras safely.

Make sure that you set your washer on gentle, and for lace pieces, we also recommend setting to cold. Ensure that all your bras are hooked together to prevent snagging and place your pieces in a lingerie bag – this is a must. Washing your delicates without a lingerie bag is a sure-fire way to stretch out the straps before their time and the hooks on your bra also risk damaging any other laundry you have in the washer at the same time.

Once clean, you may be tempted to toss them straight into the dryer, but this is a no-no. Dryers use a level of heat far too excessive for safe use on delicates as heat reduces the longevity of elastic and will shorten the life of your sets. Patience is a virtue, so just like with handwashing – air drying on a clean towel is the best choice.  


All Forever and a Day pieces come with a linen bag, these are perfect for storage as they will prevent tangles in your drawer. If you are storing these along with other bras, we recommend stacking them one behind the other with their cups inside one another. Bottoms can either be neatly folded or if you have the drawer real estate, laid out flat to breathe.