Lingerie 101: Pro-tips for the perfect fit 

Lingerie 101: Pro-tips for the perfect fit 

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Lingerie can be confusing and we’re sure that you’ve all heard the statistics by now - that the majority of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. With the percentage tipping in at a crazy 80%, here at Forever and a day, we want to provide you with all the information needed to make sure you’re in the lucky 20%.


So where do you start? Bra sizes can be complicated and can also vary from brand to brand. This can be super frustrating and to combat these issues and encompass sister sizing, we use a flexible and adjustable sizing system, so make sure you visit us here to find your recommended size. Now that you have your size, here are some key takeaways to ensure that you always have the perfect fit.



Contrary to popular belief, the underband is where the majority of your support should come from. A well fitted underband should sit comfortably around you and not ride up your back. The band should allow for two fingers to slip underneath it without causing discomfort. If you can fit more than two fingers, your band is too loose - less? Too tight. 


With traditional bras you want to start on the loosest hooks and move inwards as the elastic gives over the lifetime of the bra. However, Forever and a day bras do not have a traditional set of three hooks and instead use sliding adjustable back straps that give you  a more customised fit that can be tweaked more precisely. This ensures that you have total control over a perfect fit.



The straps of the bra are the secondary support system for your girls. The underband should do the majority of the heavy lifting, if your straps are cutting into your shoulders or leaving marks after a day of wear, this tells you that your band needs to tightened and/or straps need to be let out. On the other hand, if your straps are sliding off even after adjustment, this could be a sign that you have narrow or sloped shoulders and would be better suited to racerback style bras, such as our Olivia Bralette or Mila Bra.



The cups of your bra should fully encase your breasts with no gaps or spillage. A good indication that your cups fit is to check that the centre panel sits flush to your chest. The centre panel, (also known as the gore or the bridge) is the little section in-between the two cups that keeps them connected and your breasts separate. If this is not touching your breast bone and is instead floating, your cups are very likely too small. Once you have checked for all these things, a final fail safe is to put on a snug t-shirt to check for side spill or the dreaded double boob.


Fingers crossed that all these tips will help you find the bra just meant for you. However, if you have gone through these notes and realise you may have purchased a piece with us in the wrong size don't fret, simply return the item in new condition and you can receive a credit note to purchase the correct size.