Lingerie 101 - Meet the Ladies

Lingerie 101 - Meet the Ladies

We all know that we come in different shapes and sizes, but what you probably didn’t know is that there’s still a method in the madness. Outside the archaic alphabet system that we use to try and label our boobs, there are actually 8 different shapes that can further group our girls. The shape you are will impacts what bras work best for you and which types can best maximize your assets. Still confused? Who wouldn’t be? But don’t fret! We are here to help, so read on and get ready to know yourself just that little bit more intimately.


athletic boobs

Athletic – First of all: no, you don’t need to be an athlete to have athletic-type boobs! Your boobs tend to be a bit wider with less plumpness and more muscle. Even though it may not seem like a bra is even necessary for you, we recommend you go for a wireless option like our Mila or Olivia - super comfy and just the right amount of support!

 relaxed boobs

Relaxed – Relaxed boobs sit a little lower on your chest with nipples that point downwards. These boobs have a softer appearance that might seem like they lack a little in volume. Even though we know you look amazing either way, if you want to achieve a rounder look, bras with an underwire and side boning with help you achieve this shape. Balconette bras are also a great option since their shorter cups will provide more fullness up top! Check out, Ava


slender boobs

Slender – Super similar to our Relaxed type sisters, slender boobs are also a little thinner in shape and don’t tend to take up the entirety of your chest – think a little longer than they are wide. Something with a deeper plunge or racerback will help bring the girls closer together and give the image of cleavage. We recommend our Lennox or Stacey.

wide set boobs

Wide Set – Also known as Side Set boobs, you can tell if this is you if you can fit about three fingers worth of space between your girls. With this type of boob, you want to make sure that you’re gathering all the tissue into your cups so can center your boobs. A great option for you is a bra that can either fasten at the front, a plunge, or something with a racerback. The Olivia is a perfect choice for you.


east west boobs

East-West – Just like the name suggests, if your nipples point in two different directions you probably have East-West boobs. Go for something that will gather your girls to the front of your chest like our Aubrey or a push-up.


bell boobs

Bell – Ring ring it’s the Bell boobs. Typically slim up top and round down and full down the bottom, a lot of ladies with larger girls tend to be this type. You probably often encounter overspill, so we recommend something with a fuller coverage like our Eden bra.


round boobs

Round – Just like the name implies, round boobs are indeed round. Usually quite circular and with an equal fullness at the top and bottom – if these are your girls then lucky you! Round-type boobs tend to suit all bras, however, if you’re on the more generous side of things you may want to pass on the push-up bras.


teardrop boobs

Teardrop – Keeping it in the family, teardrop boobs are like Round’s complicated little sister. Also round in shape, this type keeps more of its fullness towards the bottom than the top. Most bras will also suit Teardrop boobs, but cup gaping can be a common problem so bras that provide a little more lift are great because they’ll help create a fullness up top. Think our Sophie or Kendall