5 minutes with Nicole Thorne

5 minutes with Nicole Thorne

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Day job:

Design and Print


Star sign:







In one sentence, what describes you and your daily hustle: 

I suppose I mainly just try and keep on top of working full time and maintaining an engaging Instagram! 


Tell us what your favourite F&AD piece is? 

Payton, but basically anything black.


What is your favourite binge watch?



What is your best listen? 

Fall Out Boy or Comeback Kid.


What is your most treasured thing in your wardrobe? 

A dress I spent way too much on for a NYE in New York.


On a Sunday you can find me…  

Creating Instagram content or recovering from a night out


What did you wish you knew 5 years ago? 

I wish I knew how big Instagram would get.


Do you have a signature scent? 

YSL black Opium.


What is your go to beauty product? 

Probably Ingot black pot eyeliner, or Stilla mascara!


What are you grateful for today? 

For my family and my partner who supports me with anything I do.


Shop Nicole's favourites:

Payton, August, Tamara