5 minutes with Paris Jacobson

5 minutes with Paris Jacobson

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Day job:

Fashion stylist, Store stylist and Marketing Assistant


Star sign:




Gold Coast



In one sentence, what describes you and your daily hustle: 

Work hard, but don't forget to stop and smell the roses. 


Tell us what your favourite F&AD piece is? 

Chloe Set ! 


What is your best read?

I love the books by Liane Moritarty 


What is your best listen? 

At the moment I'm loving J Cole 


What is your most treasured thing in your wardrobe? 

Probably my Balenciaga Sneakers


On a Sunday you can find me…  

At the Beach or in bed 


What did you wish you knew 5 years ago? 

To learn to love yourself and your body and not try to change who you are because you are beautiful just the way you are.


Do you have a signature scent? 

I love Intimately Beckham by Victoria Beckham 


What is your go to beauty product? 

I love my face tan water 


What are you grateful for today? 

To be happy and healthy 


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